The best is yet to be discovered in the fields of tourism and hospitality.

Bhutan is a tiny country sandwiched between two giant countries; India in the south and China in the north. Although the country still lies in the Himalayas, it is one of the prominent tourist destinations and people worldwide. Put Bhutan on your top bucket list of places to visit. With the increase of Tourists visiting Bhutan, the employment for tourism and hospitality sectors has even gone up the scale. There are ample job opportunities for those working in the sector of tourism and hospitality. 

Why Go For Tourism And Hospitality

Choose the best field for your future and enjoy it while doing it.

Were you confused about choosing the right job for your future? Well, don’t have to worry now as you can always go for tourism and hospitality. As Bhutan is regarded as one of the most exclusive travel destinations globally, it is reputed for its originality and its well-protected cultural heritage. That is why tourists from all over the world plan on visiting Bhutan, which in turn provides an adequate number of job opportunities for every youth. There is also an increasing number of newly developed hotels in the Bhutan that you can get a job in.

Train Yourself In the Best!

Train in the best and get skilled like professional 

There are numerous tourism and hospitality institutes in Bhutan and among them WISE (Wangchuk Institute for Skills Enhancing) is known to provide various professional hospitality training in the country. It is one of the first private hospitality institutes which provides you a platform to alter your raw talents into professional skills. It gives you employment opportunities for your future endeavors. You can be employed for job abroad and within the country.  

Why Choose WISE Over All The Other Industries?

Various professional hospitality training at WISE

WISE, as mentioned earlier, is one of the first hospitality and tourism management training institute in Bhutan. Like all the other industries in the country, it has NC2(National Certificate Level 2) training; on that training, they will upskill you in Front Office, Food & Beverages Service, Housekeeping, and Food Production. Other than the NC2 training, the institute provides the only VET by EHL certification in the country. 

The VET(Vocational Education and Training), developed by EHL, offers companies and institutes the opportunity to give the best programs on their training. It ensures high-quality training and direct employment for the graduate, within and outside of Bhutan. With their training in hand, you can become a professional in culinary, a service provider, good knowledge about the rooms division, and administrating hotel’s. Skill yourself and make your base stronger with the help of WISE and get opportunities for a job abroad!

Job Opportunities In Hospitality

Get skilled and employed in the best Hotels in Bhutan

Approximately 380 registered hotels in Bhutan have ratings ranging from standard budget hotels to 5-star hotels. And with the increase in numbers of tourists visiting the country, more hotels are developing. Getting trained from the BISHT or any other hotel management hotel can easily get the right kind of job you have always wanted to work. Ample opportunities are waiting for you, and you have to make the right choice and work on it and get a job in Bhutan!

Job Opportunities In The Tourism Sector.

View of the Buddha Statute, a famous tourism location in Bhutan

Tourism and hospitality are the highest revenue generator for Bhutan, so getting a job in those sectors is always on the bright side of your future. Every year, there are increasing rates in the number of tourists visiting Bhutan. With the visiting number of tourists increasing in Bhutan, you can also see that the number of guides increases. The travel agents are never enough, and so are the travel guides. If you were to open a travel agent or become a guide, you would always get the job opportunity in Bhutan, setting your future worries. 

If you are ever confused about getting a job in Bhutan, go for the tourism and hospitality fields and make yourself skillful. Make your future worth as in Bhutan! With its rich culture and traditions preserved well, Bhutan is one of the most desired countries to visit for an authentic experience. With its beauty and tranquility, tourism, and hospitality management, it is the highest revenue generator. Upskill yourself and make the best out of it. 

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