21 Easy Dinner Recipes

Looking for an easy quick dinner idea? look no further. Here are some healthy easy recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare. These recipes are flavorful, cozy, and filling, making them ideal for weeknight or family dinners. Prepare it and savor it!

10 Best Skills Required in Bhutan.

Best Skills Required in Bhutan

A skill is the ability to perform a certain task with predictable outcomes and good execution, often in a specific amount of time, energy, or both. Ans we have 10 best skills required in Bhutan.

12 Easy Baking Recipes

Here we have compiled some easy recipes to step up your baking skills. We will show you step-by-step, from gathering ingredients and cracking eggs to decorating cupcakes. So, grab your apron and get ready to begin your baking adventure.

What Is Tourism And Hospitality Management?

Tourism & Hospitality Management is a multidisciplinary subject of study that educates students to manage various institutions in the hospitality business. It’s major goal is to train individuals to become highly skilled professionals through academic and practical classes.

Tourism And Hospitality Jobs In Bhutan

With the increase of Tourists visiting Bhutan, the employment for tourism and hospitality sectors has even gone up the scale. There are ample job opportunities for those working in the sector of tourism and hospitality. 

15 Best Hotels In Bhutan 2022

Do you need some leisure time? Choose Bhutan as your next travel destination! Discover the allure of this evergreen paradise by staying in one of these top 15 hotels in Bhutan for a clean, comfortable, and cozy stay.

Programs for Tourism & Hospitality in Bhutan

The ultimate goal of hospitality is to provide a positive experience for customers, whether it’s eating great food, resting in a lavish spa, or getting a full night’s sleep away from home.